The Garden of Words, Another Masterpiece of Makoto Shinkai

Disclaimer :
English is not my native, this is my first post/personal article written in english, maybe you’ll find awkward sentences and misspelling grammar. I also can’t find the right phrases to desribe this anime, because of how it personally affected me. Regardless, I hope you can enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

The Garden of Words
The Garden of Words

in the beginning of this anime, we’ll see a superb and really awesome graphic, off course, we are talking about makoto shinkai’s work!. to be hoenst, this is the most beautifull animated anime I ever seen.

beautifull water drops
beautifull water drops


I recently watch this anime. I download and watch after reading my friend’s status in facebook that talk about this anime. I forgot that this year, he’ll launch new anime. Actually, I have watched every single makoto’s work after 5 cm persecond. Yeah I become makoto’s fans after I watched that anime. hehe for you who really likes romance anime, I suggest you to Watch it too!. (voice from a distance star is also amazing, totally recommended for you too),

back to garden of words. like the other signature works of makoto, garden of words is typically a bitter-sweat romance. it tells us the story of long distance relationship, I think its not just long, but complicated. You know, having a relationship with over 10 years older woman is not easy right ?. the two met at a pavilliun in the town park/garden on rainy morning. they both skiped school and work on that day. Surprisingly, they meet each other again in the same place every rainy morning, so they began to talk and interact each others. Not to mention that the rainy season is almost at the end, they became close to each others.

the two meet each other on rainy morning
the two meet each other on rainy morning

watching this anime brings back the memory when I watched 5 centimeter per second for the first time, yeah I really touched back then. The feeling from loneliness and longing for someone really struck my heart, though I’m not that pathetic off course :P.
I think that was the major reason why some people didn’t ‘get a thing‘ when watching makoto’s anime. The gloomy aura, and the feel from loneliness is important, and it is also better if someone had emotionally experienced a long distance or bitter-sweet relationship once ๐Ÿ˜›

Beside the superb animation and graphic, another points that make this anime great is its music !. despite the few lines of dialog in this anime, the good music and great graphic is more than enough to tell us, the viewers, the message that makoto wants to tell us in the whole story.

like previous animes, garden of word doesn’t give us a ‘perfect happy ending’, but it’s not completely sad too. I think makoto gave ‘special‘ sense of hopes in this anime.

from this anime, I gradually to think that true love is actually exists out there (this lines I get from someone in internet :D).

beautifull ending scene

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