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明日晴れるかな (Ashita Hareru Kana)/Will It Be Fine Tomorrow

明日晴れるかな (Ashita Hareru Kana)/Will It Be Fine Tomorrow

Shouting out for love, with hot tears streaming
Just where have those glorious days disappear to?
If it’s the same tomorrow, wandering on the streets,
There is no turning back from now on

Listening carefully to the voice of my heart
Just what would I probably say to myself?
Now, standing at the dirtied corner of the street,
Looking up in the sky, I will think to myself everytime

Loneliness and the troubles bestowed upon us from God
Just make us cry when we desire to
What will our fate be?
Should we just give up?
It is just like the never-ending magical wonders of the seasons

Oh baby. No, maybe.
Is there no ‘emotion’ without ‘love’?
Free to grieve about it,
For it is the consequence of society

Oh, baby. You’re maybe.
There is no ‘joy’ without ‘love’.
The feeling of happiness
Embrace it dearly one more time

For the sake of loving oneself on some days,
Recall on the beautiful memories that you have
For the life that has yet to unfold from the distant past
Exists to make that one dream of yours come true

Who will open the door to miracles?
Smile, just once more
Have you realized it yet?
The key (to the door) is already
On the palm of your hand

Why, baby? Oh, tell me.
Is there no ‘hate’ without ‘love’?
Free to foresee or not,
In order to protect oneself?

Oh, baby. You’re maybe.
It is not just a little game!!
This broken feeling
Overcome it one more chance

I talk to myself…

Oh, baby. No, maybe.
Is there no ‘emotion’ without ‘love’?
Free to grieve about it,
What is left will only be regret

Oh, baby. Smile, baby.
Life is not for eternity
To themselves, everyone in their heart
Whisper softly

“Will it be fine tomorrow…?”

Beneath the distant sky